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Did you know that as soon as you get arrested or are charged with a crime, the time on your personal freedom clock starts running out? Your personal life, career, family, and more will all be affected as well.

It is important to realize that the first thing you need to do once you are arrested is to contact a Carrollton criminal lawyer like Julie C. Moore, who is highly knowledgeable about your area's local laws and legal systems. Your attorney will be the person to help support you in correctly understanding your legal rights and help guide you in working toward a favorable outcome for your current predicament.

There are many things to be understood concerning the legal system, and you will undoubtedly have tons of questions about your arrest and case, such as:

  • What do I need to do first?
  • If I get sentenced, how long could that be for?
  • What has to be done to prove that I am guilty?
  • What if I am innocent and was wrongfully charged?
  • And so many more.

Julie C. Moore is an outstanding and accomplished criminal attorney in the west Georgia area. She can discuss your rights with you at each phase of your criminal procedure, answer your questions, discuss defense strategy ideas, etc. 

One of your most essential weapons in the courtroom is an experienced attorney. Protect your rights, prove your innocence, and maintain a decent record by hiring the best-experienced defense attorney in Carrollton, GA. 

A criminal charge does not have to take over your life.  However, an attorney such as Julie C. Moore in Carrollton, GA, can play a significant role in this situation. She has, in fact, more than ten years of legal experience currently, so you can rest easy knowing that your case is in the right hands. 

If you want someone to fight hard for your rights, you need Julie Moore on your side. So think carefully before making this intensely personal and potentially life-altering decision. You can reach her at 770-456-4333 right now.

A knowledgeable Carrollton, Georgia criminal defense attorney can defend your rights and ensure a good outcome in your particular instance for any type of criminal arrest, including drug offenses and even misdemeanor charges. But before you hire any criminal lawyer in the Carrollton, Georgia, vicinity, here are several points for you to keep in mind.

Are There Various Types of Criminal Law?

Yes, there are various types of criminal law. Crimes are divided into two basic categories based on the seriousness of the offense: misdemeanors and felonies. A felony is much more severe in nature and is defined as any violation that could be punished with more than a year of time in a state prison or penitentiary. Misdemeanors are less serious offenses resulting in up to a year in county jail.

Felonies include more extreme crimes such as killing, sexual assault, robberies, battery, drug possession, and the sale of illegal drugs and have a significantly longer prison sentence. On the other hand, misdemeanors typically include offenses such as traffic violations, DUI, theft and robbery, and minor interpersonal violence. 

It is also important to note that misdemeanors might also remain on your transcript and make life more difficult for you in the future, which is another reason why it would be critical to protect yourself against such claims. Lingering misdemeanors can significantly impact your future, including employment options, custody obligations, schooling, living conditions, loan and financial scores, voting rights, and even the opportunity to get financial assistance such as student loans and more.

As soon as you have been arrested and charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, you should consult with an experienced criminal lawyer in Carrollton, GA. In a criminal case of any type, it's challenging to predict what will happen. This is also because Georgia law contains so many various features. 

Any charges you face will make it important to find the best lawyer for your particular circumstance. Make sure that you hire someone such as Carrollton Criminal Lawyer Julie C. Moore to help you with your case. She has practiced the best criminal defense strategies for over ten years at this time and is ready to help you next.

What Does a Carrollton Criminal Lawyer Do?

It's essential to comprehend just what a criminal lawyer in Carrollton, Georgia, does for their client. If you are a client charged with a crime, a good lawyer will be able to describe how the legal process works and how this case may affect your life.

An outstanding criminal attorney can help support you in many ways, including the following:

  • Writing to the Prosecutor requesting that criminal charges be reduced.
  • Conduct research to reduce the effects of the punishment.
  • Make a deal to reduce or eliminate incarceration.
  • Assist you in developing an efficient defense plan.

Clients of criminal lawyers are not always guilty. In actuality, a criminal attorney often will represent clients who are thought to be blameless and innocent of all charges against them. 

Even though it's possible to win your case based on self-defense or witness evidence, it's also possible for the indictments to be lowered or even dropped during this process. Therefore, lawyers should be there to make absolutely sure that their client's rights are not violated at any point along the way.

Concerning the whole criminal case issue, it is essential to know what kind of crime was done and how bad it was and what role the participant played in it. All of these things are taken into account whenever the court determines how long the sentence will be for any person who is found guilty of committing any sort of crime. 

If the person charged with the crime ends up in jail, the number of years they spend in a correctional facility will also have an impact on their future financial affairs. An excellent criminal defense attorney will do their best to ensure that their clients receive the shortest punishment possible if they are found guilty.

What Should I Look for in a Carrollton Criminal Attorney?

Anyone facing criminal charges in Carrollton, Georgia, has the right to an attorney who will help them defend themselves against any charges in any court of law. In fact, you even have the option to handle your case yourself as your own legal representative - but we highly advise against doing that.

If you are taken to court for any type of criminal offense, a good lawyer is a crucial component of your legal defense. Enlist the services of a Carrollton criminal attorney who can support you in trying to defend your rights and maintain your innocence. Julie C. Moore is precisely that type of attorney. If you find yourself in this situation, you need a seasoned and knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Carrollton with experience handling local criminal cases, knowledge of the area's laws and courts, and a complete comprehension of the best defense strategies.

The first step is to retain the services of an experienced attorney who is very proficient in the rules and procedures concerning your particular case. These legal representatives have to fight for their clientele in court, make plea deals, and look into every possible consequence that could lead to jail time, probation, community work, or financial penalties. 

Defense lawyer Julie Moore is prepared to advocate for you if you have been charged with a crime that requires a lawyer. Because criminal law and charges vary by state, attorneys must be aware of all the regulations of state and district court systems. Additionally, because Georgia laws can differ significantly from that in other states, it is absolutely essential to retain a defense lawyer who is aware of the laws in your part of the country.

Attorney Julie C. Moore has years of professional experience as a defense attorney and has helped numerous clients. Call today and let her help you, too.

Receive the Legal Representation You Deserve

We want you to call us if you have any sort of questions, and we understand completely that time is not on your side. Our hands-on methods will ensure that your case obtains the proper attention that it deserves. The best way to start defending your rights is to work with an experienced attorney. 

You urgently need the services of a Carrollton criminal attorney with years of knowledge in local criminal cases and an understanding of various defense strategies. A seasoned attorney is a crucial component of your defense team in court.  Getting a lawyer could indeed help you protect your rights, maintain your innocence, and leave your record clean. Contact the Law Office of Julie C. Moore to speak with a Carrollton criminal lawyer right away. Julie C. Moore would love to help you - contact her now at 770-456-4333.

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