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If you or a loved one has been injured in a Carroll County, Georgia car accident, it is important to contact a Villa Rica car accident lawyer who can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Georgia


Distracted driving accidents are very common, and many people don’t even think twice about talking on the phone or texting while driving. If you have been injured by a distracted driver, give us a call for legal representation.


When a negligent driver causes your accident, you need a experienced legal team in your corner. Our goal is to see that you recover fair compensation for all of your losses. Call our law firm in Villa Rica for a free consultation.


Many innocent victims have been injured or killed as a result of a drunk driver making the decision to get behind the wheel. Thankfully, you don't have to handle your case alone. Hire a top-rated Villa Rica car accident lawyer who will be there for you every step of the way.


It’s bad enough that you were injured in a car accident, but then the at-fault driver speeds off without even bothering to help you. Don’t let them get away without taking responsibility for their actions. Let us help you track down the responsible party and get you justice. Call us today!


We help Georgia residents who have been injured get back on their feet after a rear-end crash. Our priority is to help our clients restore their health as quickly as possible and get the compensation they deserve. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case.


Having recently been involved in a t-bone car accident can be stressful. Our experienced team will work to make sure you receive the best treatment as well as help you settle your case as soon as possible so you can get back to your life.

Villa Rica Criminal & Personal Injury Attorney Julie Moore
Villa Rica Car Accident Attorney Julie C. Moore
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Why Do You Need an Experienced Villa Rica Car Accident Lawyer?

When someone is injured in a car accident in Villa Rica, the at-fault driver's insurance is usually responsible for paying the resulting damages and medical bills. The problem is that the insurance company adjusters are trained to deny or lower the value of your claim, and they have many tricks they use on injured victims.

It sounds horrible, but unfortunately, it's true. Insurance companies have tricked millions of injured victims out of their rightfully owed compensation. These corporations are designed to make money, and they will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible.

Plus, if you don't receive a fair settlement, you could be left with unpaid medical bills, unpaid time off of work, and life-altering injuries. We want to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

At the Law Office of Julie C. Moore, we fight for the "little guys." We believe every injured victim deserves justice and fair compensation from insurance companies. We know the insurance company's tricks and we protect and defend our clients' rights against them.

Our goal is to make sure the insurance company pays you a fair and just amount to cover your bills and put money in your pocket.

When To Consider Settling a Car Accident Case Yourself

When there is only property damage and no one is hurt, it may be possible to settle your case without an attorney. One of two things will happen, the insurance company will either:

1.  Help you get your car fixed and possibly get a rental car while it's being repaired.

2.  Total your car and send you a check for the current value of your car (Totaling a car means that the cost to repair your car is more money than your car is actually worth. Example: Your car's damage will cost $8,000 to repair, but your car is only worth $7,000. They will probably total your car.)

You should NEVER attempt to settle an injury case alone. Hire a lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. Insurance adjusters are known to lie to get themselves bonuses.
Villa Rica Accident Lawyer Julie Moore
Villa Rica Accident Lawyer Julie Moore

When Should I Hire a Villa Rica Car Accident Lawyer?

When You Should Consider Getting a Villa Rica Auto Accident Attorney:

✔   You were driving, but the accident was NOT your fault, and you sustained serious injuries

✔   You are an injured passenger in an accident

✔   A close family member was injured or killed in an accident

✔   Your child was seriously injured in another person's vehicle, who may or may not have been at fault

Do you find yourself searching the web for a "car accident lawyer near me?" If so, call our Car Accident Lawyer in Villa Rica at the Law Office of Julie C. Moore and find out what we can do for you. Your call and first consultation are free, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us!

What to do at the Scene of the Car Accident

✔   Call Police

✔  Take Pictures if you are physically able of:

          -   The accident scene

          -   Your injuries

          -   Any property damage (such as vehicle damage)

          -   Any identifying nearby landmarks

          -   Other details you think are relevant to the accident

✔  Exchange Information with the Other Party

✔  Talk to Witnesses

✔  See a doctor- even if you don't hurt right away! There can be injuries that aren't felt or seen right away. 

✔  Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney BEFORE speaking with the insurance company. 
Villa Rica Accident Lawyer Julie Moore

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Family Practice Client
"Julie has helped me with several things including my divorce. She’s amazing at what she does and very knowledgeable plus the staff in the office are super friendly as well. Highly recommend Julie and her team!"


Personal Injury Client
My kids and I were in a wreck... Since day one they have been spot on with information and negotiation with insurance. Highly recommend! Hopefully, we won’t need legal services again, but if we do I know where to go!!!


General Practice Client
"I called Julie’s law office when I needed legal advice. Julie was extremely helpful & took great care of all my needs. She kept me informed throughout the complete process & got the job done.  Thank you Julie!!!"
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+  How Is Fault Determined in Villa Rica Car Accidents?

In Villa Rica, the person who caused the accident (the "at fault" driver) is responsible for covering all the accident expenses. This means if you did not cause the car accident, you could submit an insurance claim to the at-fault driver's insurance company to pay for your losses.

The fault is based on evidence that the driver's actions (or lack of action) caused the accident. This includes:

✔   Information about the accident scene

✔   Personal injuries and damages to the involved vehicles

✔   The police report from the car accident

✔   Statements from all drivers and anyone who witnessed the accident

When you file a claim with the at-fault driver's insurance company, an adjuster will evaluate your case. They will use the evidence and facts above to decide who was at fault for the accident.

However, keep in mind this adjuster will be biased because their job is to look for ways to reduce how much money their company pays out. That means they will try to find reasons to blame you or dispute your injuries.

You'll want to hire a car accident lawyer in Villa Rica who can hold the insurer responsible. They can help to negotiate a settlement that is favorable for you.

+  How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Villa Rica Help Me?

Motorcycle crashes are very different from the usual auto accident. Insurance companies often try to blame the motorcycle rider, and even your own insurance company may treat you as if the accident was your fault.

Your injuries will likely be severe. You may even have a traumatic head or neck injury. You need a local firm that has successfully advised numerous motorcycle accident claims.

The Law Office of Julie C. Moore is one of Villa Rica's most prominent and established firms with an experienced legal team who work together to help people, like you, who have been injured in motorcycle accidents.

Our goal is to help you get the medical attention necessary for recovery and make sure your case is handled with the highest quality and attention.

+  What are the Most Common Types of Auto Accident Injuries Your Firm Handles?

The types of injuries one could endure in an auto accident are numerous. Below are some typical types of car accident injuries we've seen in Villa Rica, GA.

     -   Brain injuries
     -   Wrist and Knee Injuries
     -   Whiplash
     -   Broken bones
     -   Crushed organs
     -   Paralysis
     -   Severe burns
     -   Permanent disfigurement
     -   Spinal injuries
     -   Internal bleeding and bruising
     -   Permanent disability
     -   Death

If you've suffered an injury at no fault of your own, you deserve justice. Give us a call today! 770-456-4333

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