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Villa Rica Truck Accident


Let Award-Winning Truck Accident Attorney Julie C. Moore Help You Get Justice.

If you, a friend, or a family member has been hurt in a recent accident with a big truck, then you likely need the help of a Personal Injury attorney like Julie Moore in Villa Rica, GA. Personal injury lawyers help people that have been hurt due to someone else's negligent actions. If you are injured as a result of an accident with an 18-wheeler or semi-truck, your injuries could be severe, so contacting a personal injury attorney right away is advised.

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Injured individuals should act quickly to make sure that the trucking company and the driver are held accountable. Once you hire our practice at the Law Offices of Julie C. Moore in Villa Rica, GA, our legal staff can instantly start working on your case and collecting valuable evidence that can disappear if too much time passes.
For you, this means the following:


After a terrible accident, the last thing you and your family want to do is deal with pushy insurance representatives or debt collectors. Speaking to them without a Personal Injury attorney to advise you could compromise your case since insurance companies record their calls, and they will try to get you to say the wrong thing. Our law firm will deal with them on your behalf, negotiate for them to pay your medical bills while protecting your rights after this accident. We will also make sure that the insurance company talks to us instead of you so that you can focus on your recovery.


A major accident with an 18-wheeler can require an exhaustive amount of research to fully build a case to make sure that you receive the amount of compensation you truly deserve after such a severe accident. The team at the Law Firm of Julie C. Moore will do the research and put together the details of the wreck. For example, our law firm can get driver's logs, find eyewitnesses, and look for surveillance cameras and other evidence to back up the facts.


Struggling to find the medical treatment you need after a traumatic wreck can be hard. Many people wonder if they should file it on their health insurance or get the at-fault driver's insurance to cover it. Or, you may not have enough insurance to get the treatment you need. We can help answer these questions for you and point you in the right direction. Our entire legal firm will work hard to make sure that you get the medical care you need as soon as possible.


No one can deny the benefits of having a good negotiator on your side, and Attorney Julie Moore is one of the toughest negotiators around! Julie Moore is well-versed in personal injury laws, can quickly figure out which parts of your case are most important, how much compensation to ask for pain and suffering, and negotiate the value of your case with insurance adjusters.


Usually, the insurance company wants to avoid going to court with a personal injury claim. However, we will go to court if we can't get the insurance company and the trucking company to pay fair compensation. Our trial lawyers have been to court many times and have won numerous cases. We aren't afraid to go to court on your behalf and make a trucking company pay for its mistakes.

Villa Rica Attorney Julie C. Moore
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During the whole process, there are many different things to think about. What if someone in your family has been seriously hurt or killed in a terrible accident? That's why The Law Office of Julie C. Moore can help you get the treatment and compensation that you deserve.

Save yourself the time and stress, and get the whole process managed by an experienced Villa Rica Truck Accident Lawyer like Julie C. Moore. Trust us to serve you by first scheduling a no-cost consultation with us to evaluate the degree of your injury, other accident-related issues, and your potential truck accident lawsuit.

Count on The Law Office of Julie C. Moore's knowledgeable and experienced truck accident legal team. We are a source of information that you can contact if you have any concerns or questions concerning your own commercial truck accident. Call us now to get started: 770-456-4333.

What is a Commercial Truck Accident?

No matter what you call them, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, big rigs, and commercial trucks are the highway's big powerhouses. These monstrosities weigh substantially more than other passenger automobiles. And as a result, even a very "mild" collision can quickly spiral out of control when a big truck is involved.

It doesn't matter how massive a passenger car, truck, or SUV is; no passenger vehicle could survive the weight of a commercial truck in an accident. Any big truck accident with a passenger car will likely be bad, no matter how full the truck is.

A common trucking accident is when a commercial truck driver has become preoccupied, loses control over the vehicle, or slams on the brakes. Any mixture of these elements can result in skidding or coming to a dramatic stop or even flipping over. And unfortunately, these events occur with remarkable regularity on our roads and highways every day.

Other common causes for wrecks with big trucks are as follows:

 - Speeding
 - Driver Fatigue
 - Reckless Driving
 - Distracted Driving
 - Cargo Failure
 - Driving Under the Influence
 - Inadequate Training
 - Inadequate Maintenance

Which Injuries Are the Most Common in Truck Accidents?

A tractor-trailer truck, fully loaded, can easily weigh around 80,000 pounds! On the other hand, most passenger-size SUVs weigh somewhere between 2,000 to 6,000 pounds. Can you see the problem?

Basically, this means that some relatively small crashes with automobiles and other motor vehicles can lead to catastrophic and possibly fatal injuries whenever a big rig truck is involved. So let's talk a bit about common injuries in these wrecks.

Several of the most common injuries sustained in commercial vehicle accidents include the following:

   > Fractures or broken bones
   > Back and spine injuries
   > Whiplash
   > Neck injuries
   > Concussions
   > Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
   > Spinal cord injuries such as spinal stenosis
   > Partial or permanent paralysis
   > Fatalities
   > And many others

You must take care of any injuries or symptoms right away after the truck crash and get treatment from a doctor. Visit the emergency room, your family practice doctor's clinic, or an outpatient treatment clinic as quickly as possible. This will help document your condition immediately after the wreck and make sure that you do not have any internal injuries.

Who Is at Fault in a Big Truck Collision?

In contrast to car accidents, where usually only one driver is to blame, trucking accidents often include numerous accountable parties. Among them might be the following:

Truck Drivers
No matter if a truck driver was drunk, speeding, distracted, or participating in other reckless behavior, professional truck drivers could be found responsible for a crash caused by their carelessness.

Carriers for Big Rigs
In fact, the trucking firm that hired the driver may be held indirectly liable for their actions. Julie Moore and her team can research whether or not the driver was safe to be driving, if they had met the rest/sleep requirements and if their license and certifications are up to date. Trucking companies may also be punished if they hire an incompetent driver or don't remove a dangerous driver from the road.

Cargo Loaders
If a truck's cargo is not packed or bolted down securely, it could roll off and hit pedestrians or cause some other kind of accident. Poorly balanced or excessive freight could force the truck's center of mass to fluctuate, causing the driver to lose control. There is a chance that the company that packed the truck could also be to blame.

Other Vendors
Suppose a trucking company hires a partner to do repairs and maintenance on a truck and an accident happens because that vendor neglected to execute their responsibilities properly. In that case, the vendor might be held partly accountable too.

Trucking companies sometimes work with leased vehicles. And when a court decides that a truck rental business failed to inspect or repair the truck on a routine basis and an accident occurred, the rental company may also be held liable.

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Family Practice Client
"Julie has helped me with several things including my divorce. She’s amazing at what she does and very knowledgeable plus the staff in the office are super friendly as well. Highly recommend Julie and her team!"


Personal Injury Client
My kids and I were in a wreck... Since day one they have been spot on with information and negotiation with insurance. Highly recommend! Hopefully, we won’t need legal services again, but if we do I know where to go!!!


General Practice Client
"I called Julie’s law office when I needed legal advice. Julie was extremely helpful & took great care of all my needs. She kept me informed throughout the complete process & got the job done.  Thank you Julie!!!"
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