Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Villa Rica for Whiplash?

As a car accident lawyer in Villa Rica, I have handled many whiplash cases. I know that whiplash injury can be serious, depending on the severity of the damage. There are many widely recognized symptoms of whiplash, but, according to medical experts, there are also several signs often overlooked.

The uncommon symptoms of whiplash include cognitive issues regarding concentration, changes in emotion, and difficulty sleeping, which can all be an indication of a more serious underlying condition. Attention/ concentration deficits, emotional changes, and sleep disturbances are findings that could be explained by damage to the brain/ brain stem structures. A victim may want to schedule an MRI or PET scan to ensure a traumatic brain injury has not been overlooked. Victims who have suffered these types of whiplash injuries are often seen in minimal damage accidents.

Whiplash is Common in Villa Rica Car Accidents

According to experts, cases of a whiplash injury can occur as the result of rear-end car accidents at speeds of less than 14 miles per hour. The clinical symptoms of whiplash may not develop until 6-12 hours after the injury, or even after a few days. Some patients complain of neck pain and stiffness, ongoing headache, back pain, upper-limb pain, and/or several other symptoms.

In a recent study published in Neurology, the authors stated, "Over 50% of patients develop mild to moderate headache after the accident, with 8-15% still complaining about frequent headache after three months." The authors of this study sought to provide objective evidence that whiplash can cause headaches. The studies did show increases in brain tissue in patients with chronic post-traumatic headache.

If you or a loved one have suffered a whiplash injury in a Georgia car accident, it is crucial to hire a Georgia car accident attorney with experience. At the Law Office of Julie C. Moore, we are committed to giving you the best legal service, resulting in the best possible outcome for your compensation claim.

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Do You Need a Criminal Lawyer in Villa Rica?

If you or someone you know has been charged with any kind of crime in Villa Rica, GA, it is essential to thoroughly understand the local laws and everything you can about the potential punishment. For example, how long can the sentence potentially be? What has to be proven to be found guilty in this case? Legal issues can affect every part of your life.

A Villa Rica lawyer with experience in local criminal cases and the knowledge of defense strategies is exactly what you need in this situation. A good lawyer is a primary tool in your legal defense. Hire a lawyer who can protect your rights, defend your innocence, and keep your record clean.

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Are There Different Kinds of Criminal Law?

Yes, there are different kinds of criminal law. Depending on the severity of the crime, crimes are divided into two major groups - misdemeanors and felonies. Unfortunately, these types of criminal charges are common in Georgia.

Misdemeanors in Villa Rica, GA

Misdemeanors are considered less severe and usually involve punishment of a year or less of jail time. However, misdemeanors could linger on your record and make life harder for you, which is one reason why it's vital to defend yourself against these charges.

Misdemeanors generally include offenses such as traffic crimes, petty theft, and minor assaults. In many cases, unresolved misdemeanors can affect your future, including job opportunities, custody agreements, education, housing opportunities, credit and financial scores, or even limiting financial aid such as college loans, etc. Make sure to hire an experienced criminal lawyer in Villa Rica, GA, when you have been charged with a misdemeanor.

Felonies in Villa Rica, GA

In contrast, felonies are considered much more extreme and include a much longer jail sentence. In addition, felonies usually include more severe offenses, such as murder, drug cases, rape, manslaughter, arson, and robbery.

It's difficult to anticipate what will happen in a criminal case. This is because Georgia law involves so many different elements. The smart choice is to hire someone who has trained for over a decade in the best criminal defense strategies, such as Villa Rica Criminal Lawyer Julie C. Moore.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer in Villa Rica Do?

Understanding exactly what a criminal lawyer in Villa Rica, GA, does for a client is a vital thing to know. An attorney will explain to their clients how the law works and how the case may affect their future if a criminal charge is filed against them.

All clients of criminal attorneys are not guilty. In fact, frequently, a criminal lawyer will represent a client who is considered innocent. However, this does not mean that their workload is more manageable. While it is possible to win a case based on self-defense or witness testimony, it is also possible for the charges to be reduced or even dismissed. If this occurs, the lawyer will make sure that their client's rights are protected during the entire process.

The crime that has been committed, the severity of that crime, and the role the person played in the offense are all essential pieces of the puzzle. Therefore, all of these factors are considered when the court decides how long the sentence will be once the person charged for the crime is found guilty. And if the person accused of the offense goes to jail, the number of years they spend in prison will also affect their financial future. A good criminal lawyer will ensure that their client receives the minimum punishment if they are found guilty of the crime.

Get the Criminal Defense You Deserve

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